Our Program


Each month, Crowning Achievements hosts a special fun event for our participants, their families/caregivers and our volunteers.  Events range from a trip to the zoo, a party, bowling, a visit to the museum or local fair, plays, parades, movies, and more.  Some places we have visited are Fawn-Doe-Rosa, the St. Croix County Fair, The Gibbs Farm Museum, Como Zoo and so many other fun places!

In the fall we even host a fun pageant for those that wish to participate.  It is completely optional and everyone wins!  Following this we hold our largest fundraiser of the year.  It is a raffle of numerous items from local businesses and individuals, as well as national corporations who have been generous enough to donate items to help us raise funds.

Everything is completely cost free for our participants.  We fund our program completely with grants, donations, and fundraisers such as meat raffles and our end of year raffle after the pageant.  100% of all the money raised goes directly back into our program.  We are completely run by volunteers and have no paid staff.

You can join our program as a participant or volunteer at ANY time of the year.  For pageant participation though, the deadline to enter is March 1st.